To help us live out God's Vision and our Mission, we remind ourselves of the 3 E's.



We ENGAGE God through our worship. Not just with song, but with our ENTIRE ONE LIFE. It's from the core understanding that in ALL things, we are to give Glory and Honor to God.



We EMBRACE others with gospel centered relationships. Paul speaks to the christians in Corinth (2 Cor. 5:11-21) reminding them that we are "ministers of reconciliation." The grace that we receive from Jesus, is the same grace that we give others. So no matter what someone might be going through, there's grace for it!



We EXPAND the Kingdom of God primarily through relationships. We call this "living life as mission" or "being missional."  It's understanding that in every aspect of your one life, you have purpose. That purpose is to glorify God and make disciples. Through relationships in our neighborhoods, recreational activities, workplace... God wants to use us to speak the Gospel and proclaim the good news for others to experience God's radical love.  


We realize that following Jesus is a PROCESS, not a PROGRAM.  There is flexibility and creativity that will vary from each individual. We encourage YOU to walk out in the things God is doing in YOUR life, in YOUR particular circumstance for His Glory. What this may look like with one person might not look exactly the same with another. The common factor though is that we are striving for the Gospel message to be proclaimed.