February 19th, 2017

Song of Songs 3:5 - 5:1


MAIN IDEA: Love is more than a feeling, an emotion or an experience. We experience authentic love in Christ and it flows into every area of our life.

1- Authentic love is realized at the right time

  • Song of Songs 3:6-11

2- Authentic love is realized with the right person

  • Song of Songs 4:1-15
  • Your wife is your standard of beauty!” - Mark Driscoll

3- Authentic love is realized by becoming one flesh

  • Song of Songs 4:16-5:1


  1. WAIT for the appropriate time to express your love sexually (MARRIAGE)
  2. MAXIMIZE your singleness to know and follow God so that one day you'll be able to lead others towards God. PRAY for your future spouse, potential and/or current spouse.
  3. COMMIT to God you and your spouse uniting your flesh as an act of worship!