CGC Leadership Meeting Nov. 2, 2018


Hello Team, here is the notes and action steps from our recent leadership meeting. Feel free to contact Pastor Johnny below with any questions you might have!

“City Grace Church exists to glorify God and make disciples who make disciples both locally and globally.”

The VISION is the MISSION and we focus on making that a reality by:

ENAGE: Engage God through Worship. All areas of our lives is worship to Him.

EMBRACE: Embrace others through relationships. We come alongside all people in physically expressing God’s Grace.

EXPAND: Expand God’s Kingdom. We join Jesus with Him on Mission in helping others find and follow Him.

CLARITY = the quality of being clear and precise.

Not everything is as it appears. Having clarity of vision helps bring precision, purpose and direction in the ares we serve.

  • We want to focus on two aspects of clarity.



We took a few minutes to fill out a survey of roles and responsibilities.

  • Open the file and take 3 minutes to fill it out.

  • Read the statement on the left and then mark w/ an “x” as to who you would direct that situation to.

  • NOTE: If there are more than one person you would direct the problem to, then write “1” to who would be first, “2” for second and etc.

When it comes to the Clarity of the different Roles and Responsibilities within City Grace, how many times did you mark “me” versus someone else?

  • KNOW that you have 100% and FULL TRUST in leading the ministry you serve. OWN IT!

  • LOOK for different opportunities for self-growth as well as ministry growth.

  • Connect w/ others for wisdom but run with it.


Q- How are we doing as a whole? Johnny asked for examples of what a HAPPY, HEALTHY and EFFECTIVE Church looks like.

  • Usually we see big, large, megachurches as happy, healthy and effective because… well they are huge and cool!

Common Church MYTHS:

  • You can’t be healthy if you’re a small church.

  • You can’t be happy if your not doing the latest trends.

  • You can’t be effective if you don’t have the resources.

Just because City Grace isn’t a “megachurch” or doesn’t have the resources available to have cool/trendy programs… it DOENS’T mean we are any less valuable or effective for the Kingdom! We focused on 3 main aspects of being a happy, healthy and effective church!


  • Q- What are we doing well?

  • Q- What’s working?

  • Q- What’s the BEST thing we got going for us?

Instead of trying to “do more” and “keep up with the latest trends”, identify what we are doing well and focus on that!


  • Loving Community Within The Church

  • Worship team

  • Serving One Another in Need

Q- What about YOUR LEADERSHIP and MINISTRY? What is ONE THING that is rocking? Focus on that and keep going!


Churches in our culture measure success by “money in the bank” and “butts in the seat.” A Church that has trendy facilities and top-notch programs for everyone is considered successful, but is that BIBLICAL?

How the BIBLE defines a successful Church.

  • How well is God’s Word taught?

  • How much are people growing in sanctification (becoming more like Jesus)

  • Are they making disciples (helping others find and follow Jesus)

  • How much are they honoring the Lord through Christ in their one life? 

    • Are they living out the very things Christians are called to do?

We were encouraged NOT to live in the shadow of self imposed pity because we don’t look like the other church that’s cool. God isn’t calling us to be cool, He’s calling us to be FAITHFUL and AUTHENTIC to ourselves and His Word.


EVALUATING - Once a month don’t be afraid to ask Q’s of…

  • How do we DEFINE “what’s working”?

  • What is “working/not working” in this ministry?

  • Does anything need to be moved/shifted/stopped?

NOTE: Evaluations ARE NOT an attack on your person or character but simply just a way to measure whats working or what can we be doing to be more effective.

EXPERIMENTING - Every new approach should be looked as an experiment.

  • You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” - M. Scott via W. Gretzkey

    • If we NEVER TRY… we allow fear to keep us locked down.

NOTE: Be willing to try new things. Think outside the box. Just b/c we might not have done it before doesn’t mean we can’t try it now.

FAILING - Some of the best lesson’s we’ve ever learned came through failure.

  • Failure exposes areas to work on/modify/change. It keeps us humble.

  • Operate in your strength zone but outside of your comfort zone.”

NOTE: Be willing to fail. Don’t look at failure as a “I’m not good enough” but look at what was effective what wasn’t. What aspect of your ministry do you need to step out into the waters of “uncomfort” and trust God? Walk by faith, not sight.

CHANGE - City Grace Church is PERFECTLY designed to get the results we are currently getting!

  • The # of Guests, Ministry Opportunities, Growth, Salvations, Finances, Etc,… the results we are currently getting, we are PERFECT at it!

  • Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  • Change isn’t an enemy, it can be an asset if you allow it.

NOTE: We don’t want to make changes for the sake of change but for the sake of opportunities. Look for areas in your personal spiritual journey and ministry that some changes/tweaks may be needed.

We wrapped up our meeting by looking at Billy Hybel’s 6x6 method. The 6x6 Method is where he asks himself, “What is the greatest contribution I can make to the Willow Creek Community in the next 6 weeks?” He then selects the top 6 areas he can make the GREATEST contributions.


2x8Method - We looked individually as well as collectively and asked, “What are the two GREATEST contributions I can make to the City Grace Church Community for the next 8 weeks?” What are areas that need our greatest attention?

Collectively as City Grace we are going to focus on:

1. COMMUNICATION - Work on communicating information throughout the City Grace Church Community effectively.

  • Follow up with Volunteers/Guests/One Another

  • Planning ministry events far enough out to give enough time to be well attended.

  • Intentionally reach out to individuals your ministry will serve and NOT rely upon someone else to do it.

  • Contact Media (Nikko) with information that needs social media attention.

2. COMMITMENT - Let your YES be YES and your NO be NO. If you say you will be there or do something, then be there and/or do something. Simple as that.

  • We are going to be be proactive in holding each other accountable in our commitment.

  • If there you agree to something and another opportunity pops up (go out w/ friends, sports game, etc) that conflicts with your commitment, then stick with the commitment.

Look at how you can personally give your absolute best communication and commitment to the City Grace Church family for the next 8 weeks!

Q- What are TWO of the greatest contributions you can make in the ministry you serve for the next 8 weeks?



Mark your calendars!!!