Like any family, City Grace's journey has had it's share of ups and downs.  The beautiful thing is that it holds together through the shared story of the Gospel that runs deep within each and every one of us.  Feel free to read our beginnings by clicking the "Read Our Story" below.   

Our story started in 1996. With only a few families gathering and worshiping in the basement of a church building in Royal Oak, Michigan, United International Christian Church began. Who knew that a Filipino Church would be birthed in the middle of Metro Detroit? Pastor Ruel Navarro, and his family took a step of faith and moved to Michigan from the state of Oregon in 1996. Ruel felt the call of God on his family to move to Michigan and pioneer through the blessed work of church planting.

Through bible study meetings and building relationships throughout the Filipino community, UICC began to flourish. The few families that started out meeting in a church basement soon became a large number of people from all over the Metro Detroit area.

Throughout the many years, our church family has witnessed God's miraculous hands at work. Many events have taken place since we started. One of them being the driving passion of UICC itself, church planting. Since 1996 we have actively taken part in planting 13 churches throughout the country of the Philippines. Also, we have been blessed to have sent out people for global evangelistic missions work to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, India, Turkey, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Panama, Peru, South Africa, Honduras, Romania, and Iceland. Church planting and global missions are two of our greatest passions and we are humbled that God has given our church family so many opportunities to serve Him in these ways.

In 2010 Pastor Ruel felt the leading of the Holy Spirit as he did in '96... to church plant again but this time in Virginia. Associate Pastor Johnny Best filled in as Interim Pastor and then was voted two years later to stay on as lead pastor.

During this time, the Lord had been impressing upon the heart of Pastor Johnny and the leadership team to ask the question "What are we doing?" We believe this was the Lord leading us to get back to the mission of the church... making disciples. Just like real life, when things are going well, it's very easy to relax and coast along. In essence, that's what we were doing. The Lord has been so very kind and generous to us throughout this whole process.

Since then, the Lord had lead us to relaunch with a new identity and renewed vision/mission. Based from 2 Corinthians 5:14-21, God is calling us to view nobody from a worldly point of view but allowing the Grace of God to be the foundation in all relationship. Through that, we will become ministers of reconciliation... reconciling God and man together as originally attended.

We are not perfect, nor do we pretend that we are. We just want to love Jesus in the everyday aspects of life and take the opportunity to give God the glory and honor whenever and where ever we can. We have been given the opportunity to serve our cities, neighborhoods, communities and uttermost parts of the world for the sake of the Gospel... so we are going to do just that.


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